Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Junaid Jamshed Naats

Junaid Jamshed is a famous Pakistani Artist who came to the Pakistani first Pop music Vital Signs. Junaid Jamshed was popular with the hit song sing for Pakistani People Dil Dil Pakistan and remained in demand throught the 1990s. He released his debut solo album Junaid of Vital Signs which also quickly became a national hit of Pakistan. Since then he has focused on religion and concentrated on singing hymns. His ask album Jalwa-e-Janan in 2005 was followed by Mehboob-e-Yazdaan in 2006, Badr-ud-Duja in 2008, and Badee-uz-zaman in 2009. All three of his albums have been available for download. He also runs a shop of Shalwar Kameez with the name "J." abbreviation is Junaid Jamsehed . Junaid Jamshed feel guilty and responsible for about his life. He now limits his singing to songs that praise God, and focuses on the practice of Islam. Junaid Jamshed Naats listen very carefully in all over theworld with great praise.

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