Friday, July 24, 2009

Badru ud Duja - By Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed Naat which is third Nasheed album by the legendary Pakistani and the great Naat khuwan Junaid Jamshed. It contains powerful compositions in praise of the Almighty, which gives odes and the Beloved Messenger Hazart Muhammad (SAW) and inspirational poetry by the likes of Iqbal. The rendition of pre-Nasheed verse by Maulana Tariq Jamil a great Muslim scholar and a well known Muslim Leader along with the narration of the noble lineage of the Blessed Messenger (SAW) further enhance this album. Badr-ud-Duja was the third religious and spiritual album released by past Pakistani pop singer. Junaid Jamshed's this is third album of Naats.
The Following Naats are available in their album......

1. Badr-ud-Duja
2. Mere Allah, Tu kareem Hai
3. Bold and Brave
4. Kamli Wale
5. Habibi Rasooli
6. Habibi Rasooli
7. Hijarat
8. Dua-e-Taariq
9. Tala Al Badru Alyna
10. Nasab Mubarak
11. O Mericiful
12. Recitation


  1. mashallah he is doing a great job by the grace of Allaha

  2. mai aaj se tauba karta hoon.

  3. mai aaj se tauba karta hoon

  4. mai aaj se tauba karta hoon

  5. mai aaj se islaam lata hoon

  6. inshallah mai her sunnat ko apnaung

  7. inshallah mai her hukm par amal karunga

  8. I am haroon khan form India jaipur city and please listen carefully all of muslim that come back to Allah otherwise there there is no way.

  9. Jazzak Allah i really love this naat keep sharing with us

    Hamd o naat mp3